Ismaël Metis


Lille, FR
young audience hip-hop show

Friday, September 10 14:00 – 15:15

After a first album (“Ma Quête”, 2012), Ismaël Metis created the Trous D’Mémoires Company (2014). Since then, he has been developing his career as a rapper (with a second album, “Permis De Déconstruire” and more than 150 concerts across France) and the company’s activities, notably the first play (Lettre à Nos Mines, 2017), of which he is author and director.

His creations and his activity in cultural action are permanently echoed, and are guided by the same pedagogical vectors and the same shared creation processes.

For this 2021 edition of the Crossroads Festival, he will present the show “Le Rap Est Une Musique De Vieux”. It mixes narration, music and video, in an iconoclastic form close to the gesticulated conferences… with rap inside.
Aimed at the most discerning connoisseurs as well as novices, the show proposes to decipher the origins of this music, and to bring elements of answer to this paradox: rap is at the same time a very unknown music, and the most listened to in France today.

Text and interpretation : Ismaël Metis
Video creation : Bilel Allem and Thomas Zaderatzky
Sound creation : Malik Berki and Fred Flamme
Stage manager: Fred Flamme
External view of the production: Swain Blanchet
Production : Compagnie Trous d’Mémoires
Co-production : Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré (Tourcoing) and La Cave aux Poètes (Roubaix)

Photo © Julien Pitinome – Collectif ŒIL
Visual © Bilel Allem – Collectif Les Enfants Sauvages