La B.I.C.

The Brigade d’Intervention Culturelle association created the Crossroads festival in 2016 in conjunction with the Haute-Fidélité, the modern music regional center, and the regional music industry.

For nearly 20 years, it has enabled emerging artists to present their musical projects on stage at major events in France and abroad (festivals, showcases, professional meetings, etc.)

In conjunction with the Haute-Fidélité regional center and the entire regional music industry, the BIC has become a key player in the region, helping artists from the Hauts-de-France region to gain national and international recognition.

Our objectives

  • To put in place the tools (canvassing, booking, travel organization, communication and networking) that can allow regional artists to explore new territories, by programming them on national and international events.
  • To create the conditions to accelerate the development of the careers of emerging artists by provoking meetings with professionals (labels, publishers, managers, tour operators).
  • With the Crossroads festival, to create a reference event for the promotion and invitation of French and international artists and professionals.

The B.I.C. association has been developing actions at the national, European and International levels since 2001 in 5 countries around the world and on numerous events in France: Dour Festival and FrancoFaune in Brussels (Belgium), Sziget Festival in Budapest (Hungary), M for Montreal Festival (Canada), Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavík (Iceland), The Great Escape in Brighton (UK), Reeperbahn in Hamburg (Germany), and Les Francofolies de la Rochelle, Marsatac in Marseille, MaMA Event in Paris, the Trans Musicales de Rennes…