La B.I.C.

Organising the Crossroads Festival since 2016, “la B.I.C.” is a non-profit organisation that is one of the facilitation devices for music bands in Hauts-de-France area. For 18 years, it allows some merging bands to present their music live on majors events in France or other countries (festivals, showcases) to music professionnals (record labels, bookers, editors, curators, medias).

En lien avec le Pôle régional Haute-Fidélité et l’ensemble de la filière musicale régionale, la B.I.C. est devenue un acteur incontournable de l’accompagnement en région vers une reconnaissance nationale et internationale des artistes des Hauts-de-France.

Our main goals

  • To set up tools for artists to export their music on national and international events (booking, moving facilities, networking, communication).
  • To create the conditions of development for merging artists’ careers with professionnal meetings (record label, editors, managers, bookers).
  • With the Crossroads festival, based on exchanges with french and foreigners partners, to begin to build a real “Bureau Export” dedicated to bands from Hauts-de-Frances area.