Rennes, FR
indie samba pop

Thursday, September 9 18:30 – 19:00

All the people succumbing one day to Brazilian music end up putting the finger on the little extra soul that made them capsize: the saudade. A Portuguese word, untranslatable in French, which refers to this strange melancholy, sweet, sometimes even joyful, always contagious.

Under the name of Niteroy, as a wink to Niterói, a city next to Rio de Janeiro, the young Tiago Ribeiro, from Rennes, tries to create his own saudade by insufflating the so particular groove of the old sambas to pop compositions with refined and classy arrangements. The result is songs that seem to have always been known, obvious, immediate, contagious.

One could think of Marcos Valle and Tim Maia inviting Anderson Paak, Devendra Banhart and Bertrand Burgalat to chat on the beach, after having made them tour the city.


William ROYER