Yolande Bashing

La Condition Publique

september 13 2019
00:00 – 00:30

CITY : Lille, FR

STYLES : Chanson – Electro


Yolande Bashing builds a tight balance between tweaked chanson française and electronic music. Underneath skinned and intense live performances, the solo songwriter calls up loneliness in a society going haywire, through raw synths and rhythmic chants. From detuned pop to rough techno, Baptiste drives us through the brain of Yolande Bashing : excpect tinnitus, dispear and dancing for sure.


Bruit blanc

Bruit blanc is not really a record label, not really a collective, not really a fanzine editor. It doesn’t really promote shows mais does it anyway. Bruits blanc stands for a “street pop” culture, sometimes stiff, sometimes punk but always unprofitable: an homemade and photocopied low-fi culture causing massive deforestation.

Bruit blanc