Théâtre Pierre de Roubaix

September 11 2019
18:00 – 19:00

CITY : Grenoble, FR

STYLES : Young Audience


Body percussion, vibes, voices, keyboards and guitars in support of frenzy, poetry, humour and love; this show is a choreographed and dramatized musical encounter of music and movement, laughter and wonder, elsewhere and here. It is a dynamic and explosive performance inviting us on an inner journey, giving us the chance to share and to go in search of others.


Les Entêtés Production

Since 2002, Les Entêtés Production organises and develops production and diffusion of live shows from a collective of independent artists.
Currently composed of ten musicians-authors-songwriters-composers-performers, we prone necessary synergy between the artists and their production company, and also perhaps the obstinacy which an independent production company must display!

Les Entêtés Production

Collectif Braslavie

Bordjak! Welcome to Braslavie, a collective of artists, musicians, choreographers, authors and technicians, located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, which carries projects at the crossroads of genres and aesthetics. The “Braslaves” are committed to federating different audiences, to share and build with people from different backgrounds (children, adults, professionals, amateurs, teachers, educators, caregivers, musicians, actors, dancers, etc.) to weave without stop new links between people

Collectif Braslavie