Old Tree’z

La Condition Publique

september 13 2019
17:00 – 17:30

CITY : Lille, FR

STYLES : Folk – Pop


The Old Tree’z make us travel. Percussions patterns, Moh’s hoarse voice with an acoustic guitar and an ukulele backdrop create a moment of authenticity with the public. Romain, is taking care of the “linked stuff” with samples and his roaring “bassitar”: a hybrid electric/bass guitar designed by himself and tailor-made by a luthier.  Without forgetting Mélanie, at drums and choirs, to bring a girly touch, sweet and mellow. Their music, definitively positive, will make the public smile for sure. And it works every time!


Le Pharos

Le Pharos is more than a venue. The organisation helps young talents from the Hauts-de-France area in music, theatre. The activities are: shows, residencies, community work, exhibitions, workshops…

Le Pharos