La Condition Publique

september 12 2019
21:00 – 21:30

CITY : Amiens, FR

STYLES : Post Pop


Okala is a French Cameroonian musician living in Amiens (France). As discreet as ambitious he ferociously loves to explore unconventional steep paths through his alternative post-pop music. Singularly poetic, his melodies and undulatory arrangements play with the codes of pop, inspired as much by classical music as by sound textures from the 1990s and Electronica. Into this distended space-time, he explores his relationship to a world that overwhelms him, armed with a high itched voice interspersed with choruses and flaming harmonies. Okala’s music is as spectral as sparkling, as dreamlike as earthly and as immersive as contemplative.


La Lune des Pirates

La Lune des Pirates is a confirmed venue with the national label SMAC. The main project areas are: promoting concerts, supporting local organisations, community work…

La Lune des Pirates