La Condition Publique

september 12 2019
00:00 – 00:30

CITY : Le Havre, FR

STYLES : Electro


N U I T is one of a kind. It is a whirlwind of energy and emotions, whereby music and image become one, both literally and figuratively. Their originality lies in their desire to convey a powerful visual and sound identity. Taking chances and letting accidents happen are ones of the band’s essential prerogatives for creation and production. Out of this beautiful chaos arose one of the most ambitious music projects of the moment. Since the release of N U I T’s first EP Enjoy the night in 2014, the band has moved further and further away from their turf in Le Havre, garnering attention from national and web media. With loud electronic rhythms, deep keyboards, powerful guitars and smooth otherworldlyvoices, they have played show after show with an ever-wider audience.


Le Tetris

Le Tetris is a music venue, driving force for the cultural life in Le Havre run by the non profit organisation Papas’ Production. The organisation works since 1997 in cultural development of le Havre through different activities: La Tetris, Ouest Park Festival, bands coachings, local radio…

Le Tetris