Murman Tsuladze


Tbilissi, GE / Paris, FR / Bruxelles, BE
post soviet balade

Wednesday, September 8 22:30 – 23:00

Force of nature with a hard head, prominent eyebrow and comfortable shoulders, but also an artist and a charming poet, and above all a famous merchant of flying carpets; smuggler, cosmonaut, rescuer and lady-kidnapper along the way, the Silk Road offers all kinds of adventures to Murman.

Accompanied by his cousin’s first husband on his aunt’s side (Zauri of Makhatchkala) and Aristophanes Krikor Berdzenishvilli, a distant cousin in love with the open sea, Murman has finally decided to tell the world, in his own way and with a natural bonhomie, how one loves on the Silk Road, and of what color is adorned the heart of a being in these regions where there is no lack of vines.




Vincent NICOD / WART