Martin Mey

La Condition Publique

september 12 2019
23:00 – 23:30

CIty : Marseille, FR

STYLES : Electronica – Pop


“Words (Without)”, Martin Mey’s new project, is a continuation of his work combining the melancholy of folk & electronic music influences and the desire for immediate togetherness inspired by pop music. The album, created in collaboration with the English producer MaJiKer and mixed by Jo Pereira, magnifies this duality.
On tour, his solo performance, singing surrounded by his keyboards and samplers, sets this same alchemy between an intimate beauty and the emotions of shared moments.
The electronic arrangements invite the audience to dance, the vocal loops and samples allow vocal confessions to be shared with the audience, the chiaroscuro scenography plays with the closeness between the ephemeral and the eternal.  



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