Les rappeurs en carton

Théâtre Pierre de Roubaix

september 12 2019
16:40 – 17:10

CITY : Lille, FR

STYLES : Hip hop & drum


For a few months now, the RPC have been stirring up the Hauts de France musical landscape. Prize-winner of the Main Square Festival springboard in 2019, they were also chosen to participate to the Crossroad Festival this year. This band from Lille is made of three fantastic kooks fed with punk rock music, energy drinks and protein bars.
Their plan ? To establish themselves on stage with their uplifting hiphop and improbable flow which commands but does not caricature a certain joie de vivre. They bounce like a well flipped pinball, Beastie Boys style. Music flows at an intensive pace backed up by a drummer who won’t even sit down.
No loser here, just fun and a crazy need to take life as it comes. « Prendre la vie comme elle vient » as they declare to their signature song.


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