La Condition Publique

september 13 2019
16:00 – 16:30

CITY : Lille, FR

STYLES : Hybrid Pop


KosmoSuna’s music is built on a dialogue between ancestral and contemporary sounds. The animal instinct of singing is rooted into a world of machine noises that resonate like a heartbeat. KosmoSuna cradles her audience through a journey connecting present senses and past emotions. The duo evolves around characters that become as time goes by, their true self, like an alter ego, a snake that changes skin according to the current state. According to the Feeling of the present moment, the performance on stage does not tolerate censorship, the suit, the costume becomes a powerful expression, like a second skin, which reflects how the group feels, in what state are the musicians and how do they have a position, in a world that is constantly evolving.


Nangma Production

NANGMA PRODUCTIONS is an independent booking and production agency based in Valenciennes (Fr). Created in 2012, it promotes artists and original artistic projects melting music, danse, acting, video art….

Nangma Production

Le 9-9 bis

Le 9-9bis is a public venue developing a cultural and tourism project based on creation, education, concerts, exhibitions and cultural heritage.

Le 9-9 bis