It It Anita

La Condition Publique

september 13 2019
22:30 – 23:00

CITY : Liege, BE



With their ’90s Noise rock riffs and primal screams coming from every part of their soul, It It Anita might seem pretty simple. But if you take the time to really dig into their music, you’ll find some subtle nuances and intriguing depth. Besides seething fire there’s also intense desire, crippling fear, anger and restlessness.
On their upcoming second album Laurent, It It Anita did the good thing : the same as before but much more radical! More powerful but more melodic, more overexcited but more consistent, more unifying but more personal. For the record, it’s their regular live sound engineer, Laurent Eyen, who produced the album, in three sessions from June 2017 to January 2018. A huge production, always serving the vicious path taken by the band. From flying pop (‘Denial’) to rough punk.



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