Orléans, FR
techno pop

Friday, September 10 00:30 – 01:00

Born from the will to bring a certain raw lyricism to an electronic scene that doesn’t really take risks anymore, GARGÄNTUA presents an enigmatic and surprising universe, new in the French electro landscape.

Since 2015 the duo weaves a hybrid techno pop with multiple levels of readings. Mixing the codes of black metal with a reinvented French song GARGÄNTUA shocks, disturbs and does not spare its audience.

Rabelaisians well beyond the name they have given themselves, J4N D4RK and GOD3FROY are the spokesmen of a disillusioned, spectacular and tumultuous humanism.

In concert, GARGÄNTUA has only one obsession: to surpass its own limits, perpetually reworking its songs and the show that accompanies them, uniting followers and neophytes in a single human tide that celebrates this moment of choice where everything is permitted.