La Condition Publique

september 12 2019
23:30 – 00:00

CITY : Reims, FR

STYLES : Indie Rock


Degage is a brand-new musical project with a dreamlike acidity and sprinkled with saltysweet beach pop. It’s wide and passionate, a call to clear out outside the walls, outside oneself, a feverish and intense vibration. It is also the enthusiastic product of the strong, tight and likeable friendship of those four young musicians from Reims, inspired composers, whom through their work, their laughter and emotional journeys are releasing energy, poetry, reverie, pain, as well as tenderness.


La Cartonnerie

La Cartonnerie is a place for the local bands, the professional musicians, curious or music lovers to meet. It is a venue that helps creation and local scene through several facilities like artistic residencies for (un)professionnal bands.

La Cartonnerie