Crossroads Sessions 2020 on replay

Relive the four nights of the Crossroads Festival 2020 in full on our website!

Including (in broadcast order) : Dear Deer, L’Argousier, Annabel Lee, XIII Amer, Sôra, White Velvet, Adam Carpels, YN, Johnnie Carwash, Lombre, Supamoon, Bill The Dog, SUN, Gulien, Te Beiyo, Masstø, Bobine de Cuivre, Ravage Club, Fleuves Noirs, Yudimah, Orange Dream, Saudade, This Will Destroy Your Ears, Fianss & Theezy, Paprika Kinski et Mardi Midi.

Day 1: Tuesday 8 September 2020

Day 2: Wednesday 9 September 2020

Day 3: Thursday 10 September 2020

Day 4: Friday 11 September 2020