Crossroads 2020 shootings : 2nd week

The second week of the Crossroads Festival shootings was not at all a quiet one, and brought the audio-visual team of Attic Addict on quite a journey. From Monday June 9 to Saturday July 4 and after more than 1200 km, they could shoot seven more of our 28 lined-up bands in their respective regions.

The journey began on Monday in Hauts-de-France at La Gare Numérique in Jeumont with the MCs from Maubeuge Fianss & Theezy. Secteur 7, their support structure, took the opportunity to share their shooting with us, with a lot of humour, on Instagram.

On Tuesday, let’s head to La Maison de la Création in Brussels, Belgium, to record the rock band Annabel Lee.

On Wednesday, back to the Flow in Lille for the video shooting of the rapper Gulien.

Then on Thursday, Attic Addict hit the road to L’autre Canal, in Nancy, Lorraine, to film the quirky rap-electro performance of Bobine de Cuivre.

The last shootings of the week took place at La Clef in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Île-de-France, on Friday and Saturday, with contemporary R&B artist Sôra, brutal pop project SUN and singer Te Beiyo.

“Everything went really well, the whole team is great and very professional. We can’t wait to see the result !”


To discover the result of their live video shootings, please visit our Facebook page and the pages of our partners from the 8th to the 11th of September !