Lexa Large

La Cave aux Poètes

september 11 2019
20:30 – 21:00

CITY : Lille, FR

STYLES : Rap Grime


Lexa Large, a French singer-songwriter, offers a modern, captivating and daring music. Through a perfect combination of uncompromising lyrics and electronic beats influenced by Trap music, Grime and UK Garage, Lexa depicts with precision and humor the everyday life of Mr and Mrs nobody. inspired as much by Jacques Brel as by Kanye West, the Lille rapper avoids clichés to reveal himself using self-mockery and existentialism, and reflect on the life of a 30-years-old millennial. “VESTIGE” his last EP was released in spring 2019.


Le Flow

The Flow is a municipal venue in Lille 100% dedicated to urban culture. They help Hip-Hop talents for their creation and their development . The 3 targets are: professionnals, merging bands and amateur artists.

Le Flow

La Couveuse

La Couveuse is a compact created by Alex Mondeville dedicated to supporting modern music project leaders. It advises and trains artists and any professional from the cultural sector and offers production and programming services. La Couveuse is also an independent record label specialized in French speaking projects, for whom it works on management, recording production and publishing. 

La Couveuse