Jocelyn Soler

Drummer, composer, producer


Solo under the name “Verlatour”, co-founder of the electro explosive duo Battery / analogical keyboards “The Name”, he has among other (co) -signed most of the Soundtrack of the series “Short” Channel +.

He begins in parallel to compose for the theater. and travels through France and abroad, sharing scenes with Digitalism, Naive New Beaters – The Hack-er -Dj Pone – Arnaud Rebotini – Superpoze

Also drummer, endorsed by the prestigious DW brand, we find him or accompanied behind his instrument many other artists from all musical horizons (Electro – Rock – Folk – Funk etc): Edgär – Margaret Catcher – – Luciole – Transformer di Robo-ter

Co-founder of the two-headed label Bon Temps (Records and Magazine): he is Artistic Director of the label dedicated to Electronic Music since 2014.

: Speaker at

Music creation off the beaten path.

Le 301 / L’ARA, Salle Alcatraz
Friday september 13th : 14:00 – 15:30