Call for applications Kulturatrium 2021

1Conditions of participation
2Application form
  • The Crossroads festival will take place in Roubaix from the 7th to the 10th of September 2021.

    4 days, 1 stage, 30 newcoming bands (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland...).
    Applications are open online until Sunday, may 23th 2021 at midnight.

    1. Each band must be nominated and followed by a professional organisation:

    Artistic production/creation: managers, publishers, labels, live performance producers, etc.

    Broadcasting: foreign music export offices, concert venues, festivals, live performance producers, cultural centres, theatres, etc.

    IMPORTANT: bands are not allowed to apply on their own initiative. The festival is not a contest. Every artist must first and foremost be spotted, guided and signed in by a professional organisation working in the field of contemporary music, whether private or public.

    2. Selection requirements:

    • To be managed by a professional organisation.
    • Provide proof of willingness to become professional.
    • Provide recordings of professional quality.
    • Present news for 2021/2022 (record or music video release, record deal with a label…).
    • Have an established performing experience.
    • Present a repertoire of original creations (no covers).
    • To be available from 7th till 10th of September 2021.

    The organising committee, composed of professionals of the Hauts-de-France music industry, will proceed to a selection before May 24th 2021.

    The results will be announced to structures and bands in mid-June 2021.

    3. The Crossroads festival will take charge of:

    • The artists’ and 1 technician’s (sound or light engineer) salaries in the frame of the french social rules and regulations (per band).
    • The artists’ and technicians’ travel costs to come to the festival and back (details will have to be set with the festival staff).
    • The artists’ and technicians’ meals and accomodation for the duration of their stay (2 nights).
    • The payment of all author rights.
    • The technical staff and sound, lighting and filming equipment for the festival.
    • Providing centralisation / backline rental service (please ask the organisers for any query).
    • Offering a special access for musicians, technicians and accompanying organisations to the professional meetings.
    • Communication on the festival (posters, programs, social media, press and public relations).

    4. The supporting organisation commits to:

    • Promote the billing of their artistic team within the framework of the Crossroads festival through its social media, website, newsletter and any mean of communication it usually uses.
    • Act as the intermediary between the festival and its band for any administrative or technical matter.

    A contract will be established between the Brigade d’Intervention Culturelle, organiser of the festival, and the supporting organisation.

    5. To apply, please provide the following items:

    • A biography (accepted formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf)
    • A photo (accepted formats: .jpg)
    • A technical rider and a stage plot (accepted formats: .jpg, .doc, .docx, .pdf)
    • 3 audio tracks (accepted formats: .mp3, .wav)
    • A live video and/or a video clip link: Youtube or Vimeo
    • A link to the Spotify account of the artist / band (or any other platform).