Born Idiot


  La Condition Publique

  september 13 2019
  23:00 – 23:30

  CITY : Rennes, FR

  STYLES : Indie Pop


One foot firmly anchored in a long-lost childhood, and the other fleeing from the gloom of adulthood: Peter Pan syndrome has hit Born Idiot with full force. On “Afterschool”, their first self-produced album, these crazy cuties recount the wanderings of a youth enriched by rock, long naps and cheap beers in the streets of Rennes. Their sound fuses the sweetness and nostalgia of first times with the uncontrollable spirit of youth. With their heads in the clouds, the five Born navigate a parallel and comfortable world at their own pace, linking cynicism, half-hearted revolutions and infinite mundanity.


Cold Fame

Production / booking agency based in Lyon (Fr)

Cold Fame

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